Hello, My name is Alberto Rodriguez and I’m Graphic designer and Illustrator since 2002.

Since that, I’ve made some works for clients or personal projects. Some of this have been featured on some sites and publications like:

IDN Mag, Smashing Magazine, Abduzeedo, Typographic posters, Netdiver magazine, Changethethought, My own business card (Index Book), Select J (Index Book), Forever tee (Cypi Press UK)
Hand-made fonts (Linksbook)

Also I’ve been interviewed on New web pick, Kingdom Magazine 6, Ameets

I’ve made some collective or solo exhibitions all over the world, some of them are: Nomonotono at Studio Banana, Les Enfants Terribles at Illescas Cultural Center, Hielo at Barfutura, Kill your Idols at Mediodía Chica, Nonstopnerds at Heimatdesign (Dortmund), Daily Inspiration at Cosmo (BCN)

And I’ve been lucky of speak about my work and projects at:

Selected B 2011, Studio Banana, Sandwich Mixto and Creative Mornings (Madrid)

At this moment I’m teaching online at domestika.org and also doing some workshops at Sandwich Mixto.

I’ve worked for some clients Like:
Acqua San Bernardo
Gruppo Montecristo
Alliance for investment in Children
Experience Magazine
Istituto Europeo di Design
Misterio Brewing