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  • The great outdoors

    The great outdoors

    2022 Personal This is a personal project related to one of my passions, walking, exploring and discover new places. As an homage to this, I’ve wanted to display some items I own in my adventures, mixing with some scenes of walking, camping, etc, to have a view of what nature means for me.

  • 2023 Calendar

    2023 Calendar

    2022 Personal  A set of illustrations made for the 2023 calendar, sent for free to clients and friends. Working with the theme of ceramic and pottery, and how they interact with in the space, as containers and content.

  • Adobe


    Illustration for a tutorial in collaboration with Adobe USA You can check it on this link 2022

  • Atom Learning

    Atom Learning

    Various illustrations for an app developed by Atom Learning. In total were 60 different illustrations full detailed, that worked as screens on the app, to include some questions about some themes for teaching the students. Here’s a selection of the first batch.

  • Bioibérica Wall

    Bioibérica Wall

    Illustration for a wall for Bioibérica Headquarters in Esplugues de Llobregat.

  • T.V. Series

    T.V. Series

    I’ve been illustrated 4 of my favorite series from all times, using elements that in my opinion describe the main theme of each serie. Series are: Black Mirror, Fargo, Mr. Robot and Breaking Bad. Personal Project 2020

  • Gastronomic Souvenirs

    Gastronomic Souvenirs

    Illustration for the brand Gastronomic Souvenirs, for application on their products. This is only a simulation, not the final product.

  • Fluye


    Illustrations for the cover of Fluye books. A new project by Fundación Edelvives, to encourage good habits, in health, sports and friendship.

  • BioIbérica


    Illustration for Sant Jordi campaign for Bioibérica newsletter sent to their customers. Barcelona 2021 A.D:

  • Humus Leganés

    Humus Leganés

    Illustrations for products of Organic Worm Humus Leganés.

  • Retina. El País

    Retina. El País

    Ilustrations for El País Retina, on an article about the problems on how to work on a team.

  • Misterio Brewing

    Misterio Brewing

    Illustration for the labels Hollow Tree and Mind Reader beers from Misterio Brewing Company. Art Direction: Hugo Freijanes /Misterio

  • Montes de La Rioja

    Montes de La Rioja

    Illustration of the Nuño Cave for the book Montes de la Rioja. The illustration was inspired about the story of Nuño, who was a bad man who lives on the cave years ago. ©Photo @burbujag40

  • San Bernardo Guestbook

    San Bernardo Guestbook

    Client: Acqua San Bernardo Year: 2018 Illustrations for Acqua San Bernardo 2019 guestbook.

  • Music Non Stop

    Music Non Stop

    Client: Personal Year: 2018 I’ve designed some postcards for my online shop. Everyone has been designed inspired in something related to music, like synths, walkman, record player, or modular synths

  • Mixed Prints

    Mixed Prints

    Client: Personal Online Shop Year: 2018 Some of my prints available to buy at my online shop

  • Can Can Press

    Can Can Press

    Client: Can Can Press Year: 2018 Illustration for the risograph book Horror Vacation, publised and printed with Risograph by Can Can Press.

  • 36 Days of Type

    36 Days of Type

    Client: 36 Days of Type Year: 2018 My collaboration on the project 36days of type 2018

  • Digital Drawings

    Digital Drawings

    Client: Personal Project Year: 2018 Some digital Illustrations using vector technique and painted with digital pencils.

  • Immfly


    Client: IMMFLY Year: 2017 Illustration for the publication Digital Smart Kit by IMMFLY.