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  • The great outdoors II

    The great outdoors II

    This is a personal project related to one of my passions, walking, exploring and discover new places. As an homage to this, I’ve wanted to display some items I own in my adventures, mixing with some scenes of walking, camping, etc, to have a view of what nature means for me.

  • Humus Leganés

    Humus Leganés

    Humus Leganes is a small company based in Spain, who makes organic earthworm hums. I was contacted for their marketing team to work together on the packaging of their products. We decided to use simple and nice characters.

  • Techno Warriors

    Techno Warriors

    This is a personal project inspired in clubbers and their outfits. They adopt sometimes the aesthetics of ancient warriors as outfits to wear it on raves and clubs. Most part of this outfits are taken by the most experimental and radical styles on electronic music, like industrial, gothic, dark techno, etc.  Some of this warriors…

  • Precious Seeds

    Precious Seeds

    Animated video with my friends from Modik Studio, who did the great animation work to my illustrations.Credits: Illustration: Alberto Rodríguez A.K.A. Stereoplastika Animation: Modik Studio Title and effects: Modik Studio

  • Healthy Life

    Healthy Life

    Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber. Fruits also provide a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, including flavonoids.This is a personal project about the benefits of healthy food in our daily life through nice characters.



    IMMFLY is digital entertainment platform offering magazines, TV series, videos, and digital content on board. They asked me to create an illustration for their magazine about my favorite market in Madrid, that is Mercado de Anton Martin. Tried to show with my style what kind of market it is.

  • Adobe Creative Tutorial

    Adobe Creative Tutorial

    I was contacted by Adobe to make an illustration for a tutorial sharing my work process. We decided to work with a theme, and chose coffee shop, so I’ve been illustrating some characters and objects using simple shapes and colors related with coffee.Here’s the final result and a part of the tutorial that also could…

  • Olow S/S 2023

    Olow S/S 2023

    OLOW was created in 2006 in Montreuil, an eastern suburb of Paris, by Valentin Porcher and Mathieu Sorosina, two lifelong friends. On the eve of their twenty-fifth birthdays, armed with a youthful carefree attitude, they decided to bring to life a creative and ethical endeavour, using clothing as its medium.For their S/S 2023 season, they…

  • Mixed Prints

    Mixed Prints

    I did this prints for selling on my online shop and also at fairs and markets. They aren’t available online anymore, but still have some copies for selling in person. They’re digitally printed on offset 300gm3 paper.

  • Calendar 2022
  • 36DaysOfType


    36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and visual artists to express their unique interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. A yearly open call that explores the creative boundaries of letterforms by challenging participants to design a letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days. The…

  • Horror Vacation

    Horror Vacation

    Can Can Press is a Risograph printing studio, and they asked me to collaborate on a zine about Hollidays, but not standard Hollidays, so horror Hollidays. I did some drawings with my geometric style, and I used a few color palette for the printing on risograph. They did the magic.

  • Music Non Stop

    Music Non Stop

    As my name is Stereoplastika, I’ve designed some postcards for my online shop. Everyone has been designed inspired in something related to music, like synths, walkman, record player, or modular synths.Personal project.

  • TV Series

    TV Series

    I’ve been illustrated 4 of my favorite series from all times, using elements that in my opinion describe the main theme of each serie. Series are: Black Mirror, Fargo, Mr. Robot and Breaking Bad. Personal Project 2020

  • Acqua S. Bernardo Guestbook

    Acqua S. Bernardo Guestbook

    Acqua San Bernardo is one of the most important beverage companies in Italy, I’ve been contacted by their marketing team, to do the illustrations for their Guestbook, that is given to restaurants as a marketing campaign. For that illustrations we chose the idea of typical Italian products and their myths and stories.

  • Montes de La Rioja

    Montes de La Rioja

    Illustration of the Nuño Cave for the book Montes de la Rioja.The illustration was inspired about the story of Nuño, who was a thief who lives on the cave years ago.©Photo @burbujag40

  • Misterio Brewing Company

    Misterio Brewing Company

    Misterio is a small brewing company based in Viveiro (Galicia). They do great crafted beers of all types, from IPA to Saison. I’ve been contacted by Hugo Freijanes to do the labels for the beers Hollow Tree (Amber Saison with Loral and Hallertau Blanc) and Mind Reader (Happy Berliner Weisse) Art Direction: Hugo Freijanes /Misterio

  • El País Retina

    El País Retina

    I did this illustrations for the magazine El País Retina, on an article by Maria Victoria S. Nadal about the problems on how to work on a team. We have decided to use a simple style with bright colors in this case.A.D.: Shergio Serrano

  • Bioibérica Sant Jordi

    Bioibérica Sant Jordi

    Bioiberica, Company based in Esplugues de Llobregat that works in the Science Business, contacted me to do a Gif for their Sant Jordi campaign on a newsletter sent to their customers. Sant Jordi, St George’s Day, is a festive occasion that, over the years, has become a celebration of Catalan culture. In fact, it is…

  • Fluye


    Fluye is the collection of books by Fundación Edelvives, to encourage good habits, in health, sports and friendship. I was contacted by the team at Wearebold to do the Illustrations for the cover of the books for the 1-2-3-4-5-and 6 course. The first four are with a style similar to small kids, and the last…

  • Gastronomic Souvenirs

    Gastronomic Souvenirs

    Gastronomic Souvenirs is a brand based in Barcelona, that provide cultural souvenirs from the Spanish gastronomy. I’ve contacted to do an illustration for a promotional packaging of one of their products.This is only a simulation, not the final product.

  • Bioibérica Wall

    Bioibérica Wall

    Bioiberica, Company that works in the Science Business, contacted me to do an illustration for their headquarters in Esplugues de Llobregat. This is the final illustration that was printed over vinyl, and also I’ve included B/W sketch. A.D:

  • 2023 Calendar

    2023 Calendar

    As every year I’ve made a set of illustrations for the 2023 calendar, sent for free to clients and friends. Working with the theme of ceramic and pottery, and how they interact with in the space, as containers and content.

  • The great outdoors

    The great outdoors

    This is a personal project related to one of my passions, walking, exploring and discover new places. As an homage to this, I’ve wanted to display some items I own in my adventures, mixing with some scenes of walking, camping, etc, to have a view of what nature means for me.